AI Virtual Phone "Check-Ins" with KareCall

We at Disability Cocoon like to highlight new and exciting technologies that work to help the lives of individuals with disabilities, the elderly, or people who just need some assistance in their day-to-day lives. While our last blog post looked at TechLab and their low-cost alternatives to potentially expensive assistive technology, this post takes a look at the people of KareCall and how their virtual calls are allowing individuals with health concerns to maintain or increase their independence. Some individuals need to answer questions about medical concerns on a daily basis so that their loved ones and caregivers can keep up with their health. While traditionally this required a caregiver to travel to the client’s home or the client to go to a care facility, KareCall calls the patient with a virtual caregiver to ask these questions.

            There are a number of benefits for both the provider and the client to having a virtual caregiver, instead of an in-person caregiver, ask about a client’s health. Providers no longer have to spend the time or money sending staff to clients’ homes just to ask a series of questions about their health. They no longer have to work around staff schedule. Additionally, in-person conversations are limited by physical distance. If your client is in a small town, hours away from the provider office, it can be costly sending staff that far for a few questions. Of course, any provider would gladly do that for their client, but now they don’t have to. KareCall offers an inexpensive alternative. It isn’t limited by distance, because it works over the internet. Providers set up the questions they need asked and the virtual caregiver makes the call at the scheduled time, every time.

            For the client, the benefits are even greater. Now there is no need to invite someone into your home just to ask a few questions. The KareCall virtual caregiver doesn’t require any small talk, doesn’t ask any questions other than the ones set up by the provider, and doesn’t linger in your home after your done. One quick call, that’s it. There’s no longer a need to make sure the house is always ready for visitors, you could answer in your bathrobe if you wanted to. KareCall allows individuals who aren’t ready for in-home staff to keep their freedom and allows concerned parties to stay up-to-date on the client’s health at the same time.

            KareCall is another example of what technology can do when it is harnessed with an aim to cut costs and improve care for individuals with health concerns. They represent the better parts of growing old in the twenty-first century. Technology should work for you, and that’s why we at Disability Cocoon will continue to highlight these new products and services that aim to improve the lives of individuals who require a little help.