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Junna Care - Care Management Software


common uses |

simple billable hours tracking

index local resources for ease of finding solutions for the people you support

review client details and case notes

task tracking and manage upcoming calendar events

keep families involved with automated information push

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features |

dashboard | provides quick access your clients, tasks, billable time, and calendar; easily track your billable hours

clients | click on the client name, you’ll have easy access to demographics, files, and contact numbers

local resource library | easily organize and access partners, frequently used resources, contact information and organization-specific notes with ratings for jobs performed

files | easily and securely upload and access files on your phone or laptop while with clients at their home, including Medical Records, HIPAA releases, POAs, wills, DNRs and more

invoices | this easy to use tab allows the creation of single or multiple invoices for single or multiple clients with just a few clicks, with expenses added in from the Client tab

calendar | the calendar keeps track of all your important dates and appointments and caters to individuals or teams. Includes the ability to create and assign tasks to other caregivers on the care team; it also sync with your Google calendar

facilities | the facilities tab houses everything from Alzheimer’s / Memory Care facilities to Rehab, SNF, Independent Living, insurance requirements, current costs, and eligibility - create your own notes on tours to make future referrals easier - upload brochures so you never run out

tasks | keep track of all client-caregiver specific tasks for the busy professional

time | Easily track daily, weekly and monthly time to see billable hours for each client visit

assessments |  the assessments module gives you the ability to easily and quickly complete intake of client demographics,  medical and surgical history, and much more

communication | efficient communication platform notifies everyone automatically when new information is posted or updated on your client, allowing more timely and transparent sharing of information while maintaining utmost confidentiality

training & support | help is available so you can benefits from all of the features listed above

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