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12:00 PM: Lean on Me App | 12:30 PM: ONEder

12:00p Eastern - Lean on Me App
“Extending Independence Wherever You Go”
LeanOnMe is a software platform that helps support people with cognitive differences. Whether it is a lifelong need, such as with Down Syndrome, or due to a disease such as Alzheimer’s, people need some extra help from their loved ones and community to get by.

LeanOnMe consists of an application for a smart phone (the “app”), which uses the Internet to connect with a web console the parent, guardian, job coach, or other key people. 

12:30p Eastern - ONEder
Where Data = Easy
Making data easy and improving student outcomes through goal-driven instruction. ONEder makes it easy to see how your students are progressing toward their own, unique goals. ONEder saves you time and allows you to share important insights with parents and administrators. With the right data, you’ll know what to do!