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12:00 PM: Quillo | 12:30 PM: SmartSteps

12:00p Eastern - Quillo
An innovative mobile app and communication platform that delivers engaging, inspiring, and educational 60-second content to all of your staff, strengthening your culture, and making you and your team more effective in what you do.

Based on the concepts of well-being, positive psychology, and the most modern management techniques, the Quillo app brings the power of video directly to staff when they need it most. Every video is 60-seconds or less, designed to engage, inspire, and educate. Can you take a minute to invest in yourself? The cumulative effect of a minute or two everyday can make a powerful change in your organizational culture.

12:30p Eastern - SmartSteps
Dr. Cindy Fisher, special education teacher, will talk about an app that she created as a result of working with 18-21 year olds in the community. Smart Steps Mobile is a decision-making app to help school-age and adults figure out what to do in everyday, stressful moments. Examples would be a lost backpack, getting lost, or missing the bus. It allows parents and professionals to provide an extra layer of support and, at the same time, support independence. The free version comes with several sample decision trees. Now you can customize the content for your family, school, or agency through a web portal. The app also includes a list of personalized emergency contacts, a map button, a profile screen, a help button, and a read-aloud feature.