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12:00 PM: Tips from a Techie! | 12:30 PM: Electronic Caregiver

12:00 PM: Tips from a Techie!

Alice Brouhard (Families at the Forefront of Technology) is a self-confessed “appaholic” and techie who likes to find the latest in new and shiny tech to support individuals with differing abilities in achieving independence.

She recently had an “aha moment” and realized that before she could teach individuals the benefits of utilizing high tech tools, she needed to lay the foundation with low tech supports first!

Alice will share some quick and easy low-tech ideas and supports utilized by her daughter, who has significant challenges due to a TBI, to promote self sufficiency in her life!

12:30 PM: Electronic Caregiver

After 10 years of research and innovation, Electronic Caregiver is ranked as one of the top providers in the health and safety monitoring industry. They’ve saved thousands of lives over the past ten years. They are committed to providing modern and unique health & wellness solutions to the active aging, chronically ill and everywhere in between.

They offer tech enabled in-home checkup/exams, real-time evaluations, physicians on-demand, emergency response, vital monitoring, medication and test reminders, and caregiver coordination.